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2010-04-18 10:46:16 by waspider

Im so gonna be successful


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2010-09-19 09:04:47

I tell you why your movies always got blammed.

- too short
- play in loop
- no colour except blood
- no sound / no music
- no background
- no story

(Updated ) waspider responds:

you try making a flash in Pencil N00b
btw your flashes suck ass and im not trying to put music in my flashes u asshole and your gay music is shit


2010-09-19 11:55:12

You're not going to be a good author if you tell people gay when they give you good advices.

At least, my movies passed under jugments, not yours. So who is the real noob here? The one who fails to pass the portal or the one makes his movies to pass?

waspider responds:

dude i was using pencil not flash so gimme a damn break and dont post criticism on my page... im gradually becoming a good animator not a noob who sticks with bone rigging


2010-09-19 17:57:18

*cough* Right, you'll achieve success by PMing random people with your incessant whining and crying about how your (fail) submissions got blammed? And please, my stickmen drawings about cavemen versus cave rats during kindergarten were much better than your pathetic excuse for a submission.

(Updated ) waspider responds:

uhm.. excuse me? youre obviously not nice and i was only saying how i appreciate your criticizm. secondly all animators aspire by drawing stickmen..
thirdly your an asshole for being such a bitch on my aspiring animations so gimme a fucking break. i dont see shit on your page but only favorites of stuff you can never draw in YOUR FUCKING LIFE


2010-10-29 21:44:35

Let's hope so dawg.